About Us :

Intldatacompile.com, is the leading provider of international consumer lists, business lists and specialty lists. Launched in June 1999, Its management team has more than 17 years of experience in international database marketing.  International data compile, offers a full complement of global direct marketing services including data processing, list brokerage, list management and database services, compiled data and alternative media programs. Our company are primarily international data compile and research services.

Intldatacompile.com is an international firm offering list brokerage, list management, list fulfillment, and data processing services. World's best private compiler of specialized international mailing list, telemarketing and email lead lists. A one-stop shop for targeted list services, For over 17 years Intldatacompile.com has been offering the complete range of Global Direct Marketing Services to international and local businesses market place.

We are a service company that provides customized databases needed by business entities in promoting their products and services in their target international, regional, and national markets, we have the knowledge and worldwide contacts to simplify your marketing efforts and save you money.

Intldatacompile.com has affiliate offices and partners in China, Vietnam, Australia, UK, US, Worldwide and hundreds of vendors worldwide. with our experience in direct marketing database more than 17 years.

We offer only the finest data, Most of our databases are updated monthly or quarterly to ensure that you will receive the highest quality data, recently is within the last three months. This list is updated every end of the quarter. Names 6 - 9 months are automatically deleted.

BJR Group - International Data Compile.

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