Containing over 1,258,000 companies, it provides the means to reach almost all active businesses, many of which have never been available on one list before. Its coverage of cities outside of the state capitals is extensive.

The file contains businesses of all sizes, from large multinationals to smaller businesses that provide employment to the majority of Australians.

The data can be functionally addressed to the person you require. Whilst this job title may vary for the larger companies it can be a MD, Advertising / Marketing / HR Decision Maker, for example. For smaller companies, it will invariably be the CEO (usually a Managing Director) or a Senior Manager/Owner.

SELECTIONS : Company, Phone, Fax, Business Activity, State and Postcode and etc.


The Australian Residential Database file allows marketers to reach consumer internationally; this file comprises special consumer groups and their lifestyle information including previous purchases, gender, age income, credit card usage, club memberships, car ownership, etc.

These comprehensive listings of private address / home-based businesses are validated using residential consumer database.

Other Selections : Some where available for gender, age, income, homeowners, home value, length of residency, credit cards, presence of children, ethnicity, buying patterns, interest areas and much more, with selected in each data source.

Usage suggestions include :

This file enables you to target for all consumer offers, by combining previous consumer behavior and lifestyle information, marketers may easily match their offers to this database to select the relevant target groups for promotions. This list consists of respondents to offers made by mail, phone throughout world wide. This list is sourced from order forms received within the last 6 months selling of books, club memberships, computer hardware/software, conferences, seminars, workshops, cultural, athletic, social events, investments, higher education programs, jewelry/fashion accessories, lotteries, magazines / newspapers / newsletter subscriptions, office equipment, travel/holiday packages, charity contributions. The segments are made up of Frequent Diners, Frequent Travelers, Home PC Owners, Mobile Phone owners etc.

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