Asia Top Executives:

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This database consists of top level corporate decision markets, as the data file of individuals who are executives in top and middle management positions. These names and addresses target the business address and allow the ability to reflect the job title, phone number, fax number and response data. This database masterfile provides you the ability to select by corporate position or job title such as CEO, COO, CFO, CIO, President, Chairman of the Board, Personnel Director, General Managers, as well as mid level Executives in a wide range of different industries, With these lists, you'll easily be able to reach the executives and managers that are most interested, can understand the value proposition of, and are the ultimate decision makers for the purchase of your products and services.

Using these lists you will close more sales and dramatically increase profit margins. These businesses and top ranked executives are quickly ramping up to compete in the global markets. The jot titles have been standardized on the American model for selection purposes while actual title is the address records.

ASIA Data:

15,052,212        China
86,800               Hong Kong
299,288             India
70,500              Taiwan
92,000              Japan
15,000              South Korea
58,000              Thailand
27,670              Malaysia
200                   Nepal
1,700                Sri Lanka
243                   Brunei Darussalam
410                   Cambodia
31,297              Indonesia
123                   Laos
542                   Myanmar
11,048              Philippines
13,835              Singapore
12,219              Vietnam
44,288              Pakistan

Usage suggestions include:

This file enables you to target for all business and consumer offers, business opportunity seekers, business & office supplies /
services, Insurance, finance, refinance, debt consolidation, credit lines, business loans and more, investments; financial counseling, luxury items, high end vehicles, investor, donors, business credit cards, or other marketing campaigns.

Order Procedure:

Min. Qty. 5,000 order. Email inquiry/Count request to us with [Our Online Contact Us Form]

Pre-payment at time of order or 30 Letter of Guarantee for broker or agency orders, unless otherwise authorized.

Terms and conditions apply to all lists. All lists are supplied for one-time use unless otherwise agreed in advance. Lists may not be copied or re-used in any way. “Seed” records are used to identify re-use. Data seeded with decoys to detect unauthorized use.

Updates: Monthly


  - Daily additional
  - Compiled lists are updated monthly.
  - Once a name becomes more than 90 days old
  - 30 to 60 days for our Hot-Line list


    -  CSV file, ASCII Text, Comma Delimited, MS Excel, MS Access, DBF and other.
    -  Data Delivery Via: e-mail attached file (ZIP file) or DHL Shipment.
    -  Payment terms: Pre-payment by international money wiring transfer
    -  Delivery: within 1 - 4 working days

All Selects: FREE of charge

We have carefully collected these data from the most current compiled sources with millions of records from response driven sources. With new information received weekly, this database is constantly being updated, greater accuracy, and a higher response rate for your direct mail or telemarketing campaigns.

   Counts, detail and data subject to change from our list compiler. List is under continuous development.

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