US B2C Database / U.S. Households Database

Marketing vehicles available:   Postal     Email     Phone     SMS

Coverage USA : Quantities 200,000,000+ of United States <U.S.A.> Households


US Consumer Household, This database contains demographic information on more than 106 million U.S. households and over 200 Million Individuals that are active spenders and is demographically selectable so you may target the right customer with your product. This database provides the most complete consumer marketing information available. Overlaid with demographic and psychographic data, you can select any portion of the list to reach the best prospects for your product.

The US Consumer Household database is a great source for all different types of direct marketing campaigns and can be easily tailored to fit your needs. Our complete database is a prime source of names of heads of US households. By using this database, you are all but guaranteed to reach that household's decision maker.

Selectivity including gender, income, marital status, credit card, homeowner/renter, home value, phone and presence of children are some of the selects that can be segmented to reach any audience, and psychographic (Lifestyle data) to allow for even more precise targeting)

This database is updated monthly to provide you with the most deliverable, targetable, selectable, and easy-to-use database products available today.

Update Schedule: Monthly, at the end of each month.

Selection Options

-  Gender
-  Dwelling type
-  Geographic (State/ZIP, SCF, Country)
-  Homeowner
-  Residence type
-  Mail order buyers
-  Estimated household income
-  Estimated income
-  Own/ Rent
-  Length of residence
-  Mail responsive
-  Net worth
-  Mortgage age/finance type/ Loan type
-  Telephone numbers
-  Email address

Update Frequency:

Updating is maintained on a continual basis. by telemarketing, continuous monitoring the media, other published information sources and undeliverable mail.

6 - 12 Months of Frequency

     - Daily additional
     - Compiled lists are updated monthly.
     - Once a name becomes more than 90 days old

Usage suggestions include:

This file enables you to target for all consumer offers, by combining previous consumer behavior and lifestyle information, marketers may easily match their offers to this database to select the relevant target groups for promotions. This list consists of respondents to offers made by mail, phone throughout world wide. This list is sourced from order forms received within the last 6 months selling of books, club memberships, computer hardware/software, conferences, seminars, workshops, cultural, athletic, social events, investments, higher education programs, jewelry/fashion accessories, lotteries, magazines / newspapers / newsletter subscriptions, office equipment, travel/holiday packages, charity contributions. The segments are made up of Frequent Diners, Frequent Travelers, Home PC Owners, Mobile Phone owners etc.


CSV file, ASCII Text, Comma Delimited, MS Excel, MS Access, DBF and other.

Data Delivery Via: e-mail attached file (ZIP file)

Payment terms: Pre-payment by international money wiring transfer

Delivery: within 1 - 4 working days


-  In-house database
-  Tradeshows, conference, events etc
-  B2C subscribers magazine
-  Third party database vendors

We have carefully collected these data from the most current compiled sources with millions of records from response driven sources. With new information received weekly, this database is constantly being updated, greater accuracy, and a higher response rate for your direct mail or telemarketing campaigns.

   Counts, detail and data subject to change from our list compiler. List is under continuous development.

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