Opt-in Emails Database Lead

-  The Monthly "New Opt-in Emails" Database - Leads
-  Find your niche customers using email marketing campaign!

High Quality Monthly Opt-in email data is the only way to ensure that your offer is received and considered by the recipients. The Monthly "New Opt-in Emails" Database has over 325MM consumer email addresses from various contributing partners from top performing managed email files.  Advertisers can reach a large universe, based on the ability to target selects in quantities sizable enough for a roll-out.

With the rising costs of postage, production, print, paper etc. Email has become a most effective means to reach prospects as well as your existing customers.

  -  25MM  "New Opt-in Emails" every month - Leads are only 1 to 3 weeks old.
  -  Very Large Opt-in email files : 175MM, 250MM, 325MM
  -  150MM Cell Phone Database
  -  90MM US White Pages Directory