List Brokerage - Research, Recommendations and Guidelines from a prospect list to fulfilling your next marketing campaign.

Int'l data compile's list brokerage division can help you achieve the results you expect from your direct marketing program and avoid the pitfalls that are inherent to any advertising campaign. We offer a full range of list brokerage services, with access to thousands of lists and databases containing over one billion of business and consumer names with various forms supplemental information.

Int'l data compile offers the best selection of lists available. Review our datacards to find a wide variety of sources with excellent service and turnaround time. We can help you analyze country-specific information and customs. We will provide you complete information to meet your needs, complete research, list analysis, list recommendations, order placement to ensure the list rental process is successful.

Int'l data compile has continued to provide expert brokerage services to the direct marketing industry for over 12 years. Our brokerage division strives to provide our mailers with profitable mailing results and superior service. Our list brokers provide in depth research into information that matters to you, including your market, competition, and available lists, ensuring your marketing campaign needs are met.

We offer fully coordinated list and alternative media marketing programs, A thriving program depends on the constant flow of new, proven names. Reaching your new customer goals relies heavily on finding the most likely responders and targeting them at the optimal time, finding the right list is imperative to an effective campaign. To be successful with any direct marketing campaign it is important to first recognize who your clients are in order to target them effectively with a specified mailing list.

Our brokers have an average of 12 years experience on both the client and vendor sides of the business, serving both B to C and B to B clients. Our roster of clients includes some of the leading direct marketers in the:

  Asean and Asia Pacific
  The Middle East
  China Mainland
  Australia and New Zealand
  United States and Canada 
  And internationally

Int'l data compile provides list acquisition and marketing consulting services, partnering with mailers and agencies to provide data for multi-channel acquisition programs and list revenue generation for independent list-owners. help clients uncover new sources of responsive names across all channels - postal, email, sms, insert and online.

You can trust the experts at Int'l data compile to find the right lists for your direct marketing campaign.

Working directly with you, the experts at Int'l data compile can help clearly identify your target and source the most responsive lists available.  With over 12 years of list expertise, we know what it takes to find the right prospects for your campaign.

If your need more information about our list brokerage services or a custom recommendation please contact us at: [Our Online Contact Us Form]