Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQ's)

We are happy to draw your attention in our online marketing services & solution.(International Database Service) We appreciate the fact that our service provides benefits to the online community. We understand that for a first time appender there are many questions you may have. Here are the answers to the questions we receive most frequently about our service.

How is your data compiled?

Our data is complied from a wide variety of sources, we continuously gathers analyzes and manages in-house data from a variety of sources - some of these sources include Public Record and Public Directories, Title companies to credit bureau data, we have the most comprehensive data in the industry ranging from DBA filings and tax liens or judgments, to Yellow Pages, Webforms Online and Directories, Magazine Subscription Database, Business Yellow and White page Directories, Telephone Directories & Telemarketing efforts, Direct Mail Survey, Internet Survey, Internet Public Records, Opportunity Seekers, SEC listings, Institution information, Conference/trade Show/Seminar Attendee Registrations, Government records, Opt-in email responses, Applications and Rating & Licensing boards, Survey Responses, Catalogs, Mail-Order Product Purchases, Corporate and Executive Registers, Web Forms, Opt-in Email Responses, Internet Listings, Bankruptcy records, Information Inquiries, Subscriber order forms, Warranty card registrations, Entry forms, Credit & financial data, Magazine and Trade Publication Subscriptions, Consumer Lifestyle Surveys/Questionnaires, and/or Customer Databases of Mail Order Companies and more, All information is derived from proprietary, self-reported data, or sources of public record. It is obtained legally and ethically under strict list industry rules, regulations, and guidelines.

We also gather data from third party companies and associations that have received opt-in information from the businesses and individuals across the globe. All the records in our database are opt-in records. This process is obtained through a subscription management and confirmation process.

The customer database recruited via direct mail and inserts, direct marketing campaigns and partner websites. Users can also sign up to receive online consumer incentive goods, They recruit customers through direct mail and telemarketing, as well as via their website and online catalogue.

The business data across all industry sectors, all direct mail recruited through catalogue mailings and online activity. These people are actively involved in enhancing their companies profile and increasing brand awareness.

Database Accuracy : We have a telemarketing team who calls to verify and collect additional information. With our data, you can expect to have the highest deliverability rates in the industry with only 10-25% undeliverable. You can even expect higher deliverability rates in industries with lower levels of turnover.

In addition, We supplement our database with over 1 billion records response names from privately owned databases, effectively providing the most comprehensive database in the world. Through these sources we provide our clients the most comprehensive data available.


How often is your database updated?

We offer only the finest data, Most of our databases are updated monthly or quarterly to ensure that you will receive the highest quality data, Recently is within the last three months. This list is updated every end of the quarter. Names over 12 months are automatically deleted. / Compiled lists are updated monthly or quarterly through original source documentation, postal/subscription/credit changes of address, pander files, suppression files and telemarketing efforts. The lists are also CASS, DSF, PAVE-certified to ensure maximum postal discounting and deliverability.

With every order, we ensure our lists are clean and in full compliance with all ‘Do Not Call’ rules and regulations by verifying all the emails for deliverability and validity. This ensures that our clients get only good and valid emails. It means Really Outstanding Information. You'll see the difference when you use our services.

What will be my response rate?
 There are many variables that determine response rate in a marketing program. The product being sold, how it is offered, the creative content of the mailer or telemarketing presentation, and timing; all contribute to the rate of response you will eventually experience. Consequently the rate of response can vary greatly from campaign to campaign. 

Paying equal attention to your product, your offer, customer incentive to respond, the timing of the campaign and the list you use is essential. Some campaigns may be profitable with a response rate of one percent, whereas others need a much higher rate to register similar profits.

The accuracy and deliverability of our data will certainly improve the rate of response you would have achieved if you were to use a less reliable list source, provided all other variables being equal. Responses are tracked as Leads, Click through's, email responses and opens.


How are your prices so much lower than other providers?

It's simple, We keep our companies expenses to an absolute minimum which allows us to offer our databases at affordable prices.

What forms of payment do you accept?

All list purchases and marketing services must be paid for in advance either by Bank transfers / bank Wire transfers, Telegraphic transfer (T.T) to our bank account or the Western Union - Money Transfer.

What is your return policy?

We guarantee our lists to be 85% deliverable. We will refund the current minimum third class postage rate for any returned mail in excess of 5% of the list. The returned mailing pieces must be received by us within 30 days of the shipment of the list.


Do you offer a volume discount?

Yes. Whether you are a frequent, high volume database user or a first-time list buyer, you may qualify for special, discounted pricing. Frequency and volume pricing considerations will be reviewed. Please inquire.


What is the difference between one-time use and unlimited use?

All lists are rented for a one-time use only. All mailing lists are "seeded" with decoy names so we will be able to determine if the file is mailed more than once. Lists are also available for unlimited use. The information on each list may be used as many times as the purchaser needs for one year and can be re-purchased for each subsequent year. The extra cost is an additional one-time use base price.


How is your data formatted?

We provide your data in the following formats:      

      - Notepad .txt
      - Microsoft Excel .csv
      - Microsoft Excel .xls
      - Microsoft Access .mdb
      - Etc.,

How will the data be delivered?

Data Delivery by e-mail attached file (ZIP file) / FTP Site / DHL, FedEx shipment.

Do you have a minimum order for customized lists?

Yes, we have a $1,000 USD minimum order.

Is it legal to send email to the lists and what about the CAN-SPAM Act?

When sending emails you need to make sure you comply with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. For more information on the CAN-SPAM Act, go to:

How can I contact you if I need help?

You can contact us,

             International Data Compile.

            1-2rd Fl., GDM Building, No.486/45-46,
             Nongkaem, Bangkok, Thailand

             info {-at-} intldatacompile dot com

Are your email addresses Opt-in?

All of our email addresses are CAN-SPAM compliant, permission based/Opt-In, with privacy policy's which allow for third party marketing. All databases with emails come with Time/Date Stamp, IP Address, and Opt-In Source unless noted otherwise.


When I buy a list from you, do I own the list or am I renting it?

You own the lists we sell to you and are free to market to them as many times as you would like.

Out of the lists how many addresses will be undeliverable?

That's hard to say. We use all of our resources to ensure all of our addresses are deliverable before we release them. Yet, out of millions of people you can be sure that there will be some who will have either changed addresses or changed email and ISP's from the time we verify the address to the time you receive the package. Even though we feel confident in saying that our delivery ratio is higher then any other list on the market, it is impossible to expect 100% deliverability from any list. Our lists are only months old. We keep getting newer lists to keep them fresh at all times.


What is Bulk E-mail?

Bulk e-mail is the legal and ethical alternative to mass mailing random e-mail addresses. The concept is sending as many people your message as possible whilst observing proper online business ethics and your ISP agreement. 

1.)  Make sure it is legal to own, operate and use bulk email programs in the country or state in which you reside.

2. )  Never include any information or material or content associated with anything illegal. Email is NOT anonymous and you will get caught sooner or later.

3.)  Do not send email to people through your ISP (Internet Service Provider) connection if your ISP explicitly forbids bulk email. Contact your ISP to verify if it is allowed if you are unsure. If you violate an ISP service agreement you risk losing your account and/or may be subject to penalties according to their rules. If your ISP forbids bulk mailing you have two options: A) Select a bulk friendly ISP. B) Spread the amount of mailings out over time and use the email program you are already using to send out mail. Professional email programs send mail at speeds that are too fast for many ISP's to handle. This is how you can violate their terms.

4.)  Always include an option for email recipients to remove themselves from your list.

5.)  Permanently remove all those that request to be removed from your list.

6.)  Do not email letters that contain large files, video files or any extraneous data. The ideal size for an email message should be under 10k in size. This is a basic courtesy only.

7.)  Never send more than 1 message to the same email box within a short time period. If someone doesn't respond...assume they never will and move on.

8.)  Never forge or purposely include incorrect and inaccurate header informational fields in your email. This technique may be illegal in your state or country and violates all ISP service agreements.

9.)  Always supply a valid return email address.

10.)  Use an alternate or secondary email account as your return address. This will keep your business and personal accounts separate. This is not required but simply recommended.