Automated Calling  Overview : Global Voice Broadcasting Service & Automated Calling.

Voice broadcasting is the delivery of a pre-recorded voice message to a live person, answering machine or both. It is, by far, the most cost effective form of contacting your customers, employees, groups and prospects.

This service allows you to easily call a given number, and playback an mp3 or wav files. This is a simple way to integrate automated calling into your products.

Voice broadcasting is used successfully by many industries and organizations as an effective means of communicating corporate voice messages, informational messages, past due notices, reminders and verifications.

Intldatacompile Automated Calling Service for Business

Businesses around the country are finding more and more uses for intldatacompile's automated calling service. While once used exclusively by telemarketing companies, automated calling has become an essential tool for many businesses. Businesses are saving money, improving customer service, responding faster, communicating more effectively, and increasing sales by using automated calling services.

Intldatacompile voice broadcasting solution allows our clients to focus their efforts on core functions of their business, not on maintenance of voice broadcasting equipment.

  -  Using intldatacompile's automated calling service is easy, affordable, and incredibly effective!
  -  Just give intldatacompile the numbers you’d like to call, record the message.

Automatic Calling Systems

Intldatacompile has been providing computing solutions since 1999 and is a leading provider of advanced phone dialers including automatic calling systems.

Our autodialers broadcast recorded voice messages to hundreds or thousands of phone numbers at once. Automated call messages can be sent to households in bulk fashion or can be delivered to members of a community in the event of a natural disaster or civil alert.

Automated calls can be initiated to both live contacts as well as answer machines. If our auto call system detects a no answer condition or busy signal, the phone message can be scheduled for delivery at a later time.

Intldatacompile provides a comprehensive reporting system which is made available online for users to view the effective delivery of these automated call messages.

Automated Call Outsourcing Services

Besides offering automated calling phone systems, Intldatacompile provides a complete, online managed auto calling service. Using this service is easy and secure. Once you've enrolled in our service program,    

 Fast, Easy, and Incredibly Affordable  

Intldatacompile’s automated calling service has the following features/benefits:

- Real-time reporting - watch as your broadcasts are made
- Upload calling lists from Excel or text files
- Save unlimited groups & subgroups for future use

Here's all you need to do.
- Create and save one or more list(s) of phone numbers to call.
- Record your call message
- Push "Start" call button.

Int'l data compile is a leading provider of call center products and outsourcing services including voice broadcasting.

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What Is Voice Broadcasting?

Voice broadcasting (also referred to as phone broadcast or message broadcast) is a mass communication technique that sends a pre-recorded phone message to hundreds or even thousands of call recipients in a very short period of time. This technology can be used in business applications and for community alerts and notifications.

Business announcements and advertisements can be sent to prospects and commercial clients. Emergency voice broadcast alerts can be delivered to members of the community with warnings of a natural disaster or emergency situation. Messages can be delivered to both individuals and answering machines. If our voice broadcast system detects a no answer condition or busy signal, the message can be scheduled for delivery at a later time. Complete online reports are available to view the effective delivery of messages in this fashion. Voice broadcasting can be used for many specific programs such as senior call reassurance and reminder applications.